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(Last update February 13th 2019)

Grave concerns held
for the health of
HRH Prince Leonard


(Published February 2019)

Final Farewell Prince Leonard
(Watch here for updates following the Passing of HRH Prince Leonard & Memorials etc.)

Memorial Wall Commenced...

HRH Prince Leonard's
Memorial Wall of Condolences



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Profile of the late
HRH Princess Shirley

Gone - But never forgotten!


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PHR BORDER & Government closed during period of official mourning.
Monday 04th March

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Home Site Of The

Principality of Hutt River.

The Principality of Hutt River is situated 595 km north of Perth, Western Australia and is about 75 square km in area,
consisting of some 18,500 acres of land.

The Principality of Hutt River is an Independent Sovereign State having seceded from Australia on the Twenty First Day of April 1970
it is of comparable size to Hong Kong (not the New Territories).


The Principality consists of undulating farmland well covered in places with a wealth of shrubs and glorious wildflowers in season.


H.R.H. Prince Leonard, a keen supporter of both the Arts and Conservation, has named parts of the Principality with such identities as Lake Beginning, Mount Secession, Lake Serenity and Wild Boar Gorge.  His town site, Nain, has been developed with many buildings
to provide facilities for the tourists who visit in their thousands each year.

Some of the facilities and items of interest to visitors include the Administration Building containing the Government Office and Post Office, Tea Rooms with Swimming Pool and a charming Non-Denominational Chapel, the Arcade housing the Memorabilia Department & Historical Society displays and the Sovereigns Reception building as well as a unique building named 'Princess Shirley's Educational Shrine', a building that salutes both the Late wife of the Sovereign, HRH Princess Shirley and the late Sir Martin Louey, a long time friend of HRH Prince Leonard and PHR representative to Taiwan.
The Shrine also contains a great deal of information on the mathematical discoveries of the PHR Royal College of Advanced Research concerning religion and pure physics for everyone’s sphere of interest. as well as the equations for the universe at rest and the universe then “Creating” are also to be found within this Shrine.
A great number of small statues of animals and birds all with their “Nature’s Spirit Codes” are also be there for all to see.
Take a look at the 'Stone of Light' and it's story, also found within the Shrine.
Realists and those interested in gematria/gematrya may find this very informative.


It is perhaps of interest to note, that Western Australia was actually never proclaimed by Captain Stirling as British Territory, as was required of him under his Letter Patent, he only Proclaimed a Settlement (the Swan Settlement) in Western Australia.

SEE Governor Sterling's Proclamation HERE!

The Territory of The Principality of Hutt River was never, ever,
British Proclaimed Territory!

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2019 New Year Honours Announced - TODAY - Jan 01 2019

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