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Our thanks to  Petr Labik of B.C. Canada who has presented to HRH Prince Leonard a magnificent portrait which he has been painted from a photo/postcard of HRH, as well as the poem below. Both are gifts to help celebrate the approaching 43rd Anniversary of Secession of the Principality which occurs on April 21st 2013. The painting will be added to the Royal Art Collection and will be hung in Nain so as to be able to be viewed and enjoyed by all who visit.
    PHR 43rd Anniversary Gift - April 21st 2013    


      Original - Picture/Postcard   Oil-Painting By:
Petr Labik 2013
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    Prince Leonard he is brave
he is a thinker, not a slave.
he loves his freedom, he loves his rights
he is victor in his fights.

His thoughts - Jewel of Hutt River
shining more than gold and silver.

He is a man with the warmest heart
he is witty, he is smart.
He is a great man, nothing less
he is beloved, he is blessed!

Petr Labik

These loyal Subjects also sent us a salute on the 40th Anniversary of the PHR by way of photo's taken of he and his friends in Vancouver Canada, celebrating the PHR Anniversary around Vancouver City Hall.

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