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PHR-OnLine is closed. The site is kept as a historical record of items that we have produced and offered.   This is especially relevant for our coins and stamp issues. All enquiries can be emailed to:                          




PHR-OnLine was established in January 2011 as a service to the public who are constantly asking for faster and easier service, particularly regards payment when seeking to obtain PHR products such as souvenirs, philatelic & numismatic items etc.

This new service of the Principality is available to take orders for all sales items offered by various departments of the Principality via email, be they Government or non-Government departments without additional cost. It also enables everyone to be sure that they are genuinely dealing with the Principality of Hutt River directly and not through any middle-men or more importantly through any charlatans that like to operate out here on the internet.

bulletIt should be noted that only sales items are available via PHR-OnLine, no Government matters such as licensing or Overseas Citizenship applications etc can be carried out as all must have original paperwork received in PHR so therefore all Government business must be conducted by postal mail.
What we have agreed to is to trial receiving payment of Government Fee's via our Paypal facilities, which will work provided correct steps are followed by those making payments of those fee's, those requirements will be advised by issuing a PHR  Paypal Invoice once we have received an e-mail detailing what it is that is wished to be paid and by what method.
If payers co-operate we are sure that this service will assist speed Government services up as well as to reduce payment costs, particularly as experienced when paying from overseas, it should also make paying Government Fees and charges that much easier for the public (we trust).



bulletJust email us for any assistance!


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Royal Hutt  River
Postal Service

New PHR Stamp Release
48th Anniversary of Secession

ISSUED 21st April 2019
- - - - - Commemorative set of 4  stamps issued April 21 2019- - - - -AVAILABLE NOW!- - - - 

Royal Hutt River
Postal Service

New PHR Stamp Release

ISSUED 21st April 2019
- - - - - Commemorative stamp issued April 21 2019- - - - -AVAILABLE NOW!- - - - 




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