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40th Anniversary Year

Weekend Celebration - 24th & 25th April 2010






On these pages we plan to keep all up to date concerning all that is happening for and in the 40th Anniversary Year, as well as the happenings and updates for the 40th Anniversary Celebration Weekend!
With so many things in the planning stages, and new ideas everyday, this year is going to be a big one and the Celebration Weekend to be held 24/25 April in Nain is going to develop over a period of time and will see the list of "happenings" growing regularly.
These pages are the best way to keep all informed as to what is going to happen and when. I suggest you watch this section regularly as it is here that we will publish the latest news and photos and any relevant information concerning the weekend of celebrations. Here we will also comment on some of those who are coming to celebrate with us, people such as members of the Royal Enfield Motorcycle Club of Australia, HRH Prince Leonard is the Club Patron and the Club has called Members to a ride from all States of Australia into the Principality to join with us in celebrating.
These riders and vintage/veteran and modern bikes along with support crews and vehicles hope to all meet up in Geraldton and from there ride into the Principality together on Friday, late afternoon, April 23rd (watch for more details), ....... a sight to be seen and heard!
 Whilst numbers of those who will be able to take the time necessary to complete this marathon trek may be small it is hoped that at least 20 will make it, but it's early days yet with their invitation only just having gone out to members, so more is possible!



    To start it all off........here is your invitation
to our Celebration Weekend!


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Bookings are ESSENTIAL for attending the Celebration Dining with us as numbers will be limited so make sure you book with us.

 Camping/caravan sites are available and must also be booked to assure a spot is available for you.

All bookings to the main office.
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Drop in and come back regularly to see the latest updates
on our 40th Anniversary year and our 40th Anniversary
Celebration Weekend happenings!
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