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Rainbow Warrior
Authors: Sir Carlos and Ms Charis Mundy



The messages to educate us on peace flow as a river throughout the book,
especially at the end where we learn that we can improve the wellbeing of the world
if we put the general interests before our own individual ones
—Mr. Dimensiones/El Guerrero de La Paz/Spain.

Brother and sister duo, Carlos and Charis Mundy are soon to publish a US version of their best-selling novel
in Spain entitled The Rainbow Warrior. In the interest of delivering an important message of peace,
the authors and the publisher, Author House, made the decision to publish the book simultaneously in both
trade paperback and hardcover. The intention of this novel, in which two youngsters from Earth must
save planet Plutonio, is to promote non-violence and education through this extraordinary story. 
In The Rainbow Warrior, the author's have created a unique modern day fairy tale for adult readers that
they can share with their children. 

Imagine a world where you can create your own universe. This unique techno-fantasy novel shows
an evolution of our world that might be possible if we make a sincere commitment to the principles of
justice, peace, honesty, transparency and equality. With profound and intense thoughts, the reader
participates in the adventures of two youngsters, in a contemporary Alice through the Looking Glass
By chance, they are absorbed through their computers into a world wide web of fairies, colour, dreams
and beauty, destroyed by the hunger for power and fanaticism of a few and the passive hopelessness of
the majority.

Carlos and Charis felt compelled to write this narrative due to current world affairs in the hope that the
difficult path to achieve world peace could be discovered by the reader as the first step in achieving an
internal peace. The authors believe there is a need to promote forgiveness, the knowledge that all
conflict begins in excessive individualism and that in war there are never innocent spectators.
As individuals, we must take action with the truth as our flag. Some of these ideas, we feel, are
perfectly integrated in this story, says Carlos Mundy.

Although we can only hope those who make wars will read the book, it is highly recommended for all of
us that believe in peace so that we can have more arguments against those who believe in wars as a
solution to conflicts, says Charis Mundy.

SOURCE: Davidson & Choy PR
Los Angeles, CA.

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By Carlos & Charis Mundy
Tantic/Author House Publishers 
Publication Date: April 14th, 2007
Pages:  248
Paperback: $14.49 USD
Hardcover: $24.99 USD
Softcover: 1425968317
Hardcover: 1425968309


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