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  H.R.H. Prince Leonard  
    Sovereign of the Principality of Hutt River and all its Territories.
Protector of the Legends of the Nunda People,
Commander in Chief Royal Hutt River Defence Forces,
Knight Commander & Royal Protector of
The Most Noble and Most Worthy Sovereign Order of The Crusaders Cross of Jerusalem,
Grand Officier du Noble Ordre de Chevalrie et Religieux de la Couronne d'Epines.
Grand Collar de l'ordre Souverain  Militaire Teutonic et de l'ordre Chevalresque de la Sainte-Croix de Jerusalem.

Cabildo de Cavalleros Cubicularios De San Ildefonso.
Grand Collar of the Ordem General Abreu e Lima.

 Kentucky Colonel,
Founder & Trustee of the Royal College of Advanced Research.
Patron & Honorary Commissioner in Chief of the Legion of Frontiersmen, Independent Command, Canada.

December 2006

                                                                                              23rd December 2006


Princess Shirley and I along with all of us here in Hutt would like to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a joyous and peaceful Christmas and all the very best in 2007.

Best wishes to you all.



September 2006

12th September 2006

Greetings to you all!
There is a change of name of the Principality, from "Hutt River Province", to the "Principality of Hutt River".

For quite some time there has been considerable demand for the name change, as the original name is actually misleading in International meaning of status of Sovereignty.

Over the coming months there will be small changes occurring throughout the Principalities workings, though it must be realised and remembered that our original name and emblems will never be totally removed, as they remain an important part of our past, our heritage, thus they will still be seen in many places, but from now on this land shall be known as the "Principality of Hutt River".

Best wishes to you all.



June 2006

16th June 2006

Greetings to you all!

I am often being asked "how did you secede"? "Under what International Conventions have you claimed self-government?"

Some of the important historical procedure done in the early years of succession include the acceptance and application of the Geneva Convention of 12th August 1949 which were sent direct to the then Prime Minister of Australia the Hon Malcolm Fraser and also through the Swiss Federal Council.

These Conventions, the Geneva Conventions, are also ratified laws of Australia and do convey the duty to govern to the occupying power, which is, the Government of the Hutt River Principality.

This is but one of the many things that secured the Sovereign Independence of the Principality.

Best Wishes to you all.



April 2006

01st April 2006

Greetings to you all!

In line with my comments earlier this year, this opportunity I would like to take in saluting one of our fine Representatives, the HRP Cultural Attaché to Scotland, the Hon. Katrina M. T. Anderson MA (Hons), PG Dip Comm. Ed.

Hon. Katrina has represented the Principality and its Sovereign with Honour as she takes time out from her busy schedule to attend to those duties that come before her. We do however trust that these duties may indeed provide some little leisure and peace to Katrina who dare we say "enjoys" a busy life as the International Tracing and Message Coordinator for the British Red Cross Society in Scotland.

Katrina has been the proud recipient of a number of awards in the last few years therefore confirming the value of her efforts.
I have directed that further details of some of Katrina's achievements be provided elsewhere on this site but take this opportunity to congratulate Katrina on her efforts and to encourage her ever to continue. Read more here!

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank both Kentucky Colonel Kenneth Ekland for his nomination and the Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky USA, Honourable Ernie Fletcher on behalf of both myself and Princess Shirley for the Honour that you have bestowed upon our personages by our Commissions as Kentucky Colonels.

Commissioned Kentucky Colonels!

We look forward to celebrating our 36th year later this month.

Best Wishes to you all.



January 2006

22nd January 2006

Greetings to you all!

In 2005 I was very pleased to be able to share with you some of the achievements of our Defence Force personnel in areas around the world, efforts like:..............
Anti-Personnel mine disposal in Africa & Cambodia,..... the release of the booklet entitled "The Dangers of Anti-Personnel Mines, Booklet For The Children" by Sir André Fages K.R.O.  and Brig. Gen. Sir Phillipe Michaux K.R.O.,...... Hurricane relief efforts in the U.S.A. by Major William B. Speir, Jr., Chief of the Royal Artillery, Members and Families of 1st Regiment Royal Artillery, The 1st North American Royal Guards,....... the bestowal of the European Police Association's "CROIX D'HONNEUR" upon Commandant Sir Phillipe Michaux K.R.O. for "Loyalty, Integrity and Courage", etc., via this medium, the Internet.

This year, I hope to bring to you more of the people who make up our Principality.
More of the strength, courage and determination that has carried us along for the last 35 years and will, I know, continue in the future.
I hope to be able to show you all a little more of the face of the Principality around the world.

This year will see a number of developments both within the Principality and within the World Stage standing of our Nation.
I look forward to sharing these moments and events with you on this Website.

The first articles for 2006 should appear on this Site soon.

Best wishes to you all.



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