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Our thanks to Mr. John Creet, who wrote this poem in honour of Prince Leonard


In the days of yore when brave men were galore, this world was a safer place to live in. But as time passed by and the thoughts of men became grey and corrupted by fame and fortune, these brave knights faded away in the golden sunset of human remembrance.

But nature in its infinite wisdom decided it was time to give the world yet another chance at freedom. It brought forth from its fiery loins a champion among men, a legend equal to that of "Arthur of Camelot", but true to our times and state.

This Great Prince among men, a blessing to all men free who stood up for the Sovereign rights of the brave and the free in the historic year of NINETEEN HUNDRED AND SEVENTY A.D.

Against the mighty "Commonwealth", but feared none and was admired by both friend and foe. And brought back to this world Honour and Justice that was lost in the days of yore. He showed the world a man can be free and yet be true. He showed the world freedom is the only truth worth fighting for.

Long live the Great Prince of HUTT RIVER PROVINCE, and let your voice be heard the land over, and let the bells of freedom in the Hutt River Province ring forever...
So that generation may come and generation may go, but
PRINCE LEONARD will rule as continuous as the flow of the mighty HUTT RIVER from eternity to eternity...

John Creet
Consular Representative
to Glendale, CA, USA



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