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The only entry/exit method to/from the PHR at this time is via the Commonwealth of Australia.
Due to a lack of an agreement with the Commonwealth of Australia, citizens of the Principality, who are not Australian residents & all overseas tourists have to obtain an Australian visa in order to gain entry to Australia prior to visiting PHR.
If a visa is granted by Australian Authorities for individuals to enter Australia then PHR is happy to utilise Australian Immigration and Customs departments acceptance by way of recommendation and will issue visitor visas to all who wish to visit the Principality.



Advice for visitors to PHR


Visitors to the Principality are required to obtain Visitor entry & exit visa's at the Government Offices upon arrival in Nain. The visa's will be stamped into passports though if no passport is available then a printed version will be issued, stamped and signed in place of.

Since at this time all entry and exit to and from the Principality must be made via the Commonwealth of Australia, we are perfectly happy to accept the border security procedures of Australia and we fully support the requirements and procedures necessary to obtain entry to the Commonwealth of Australia, if the Commonwealth of Australia has issued visa's for persons entry into Australia, then we will accept that fact and allow short term visitor visa's to be issued for PHR (visitor visa's only!).

In the case of Australian Residents wishing to visit then once again we are happy with Australia's security procedures and will issue visitor visa's to such residents.

Concerning expired/expiring Australian Visitor Visa's:

In the case of those visitors to Australia who's Australian visitor visas are about to expire and who therefore need to leave Australia in order to apply for an extension or re-issue of a visa, we do not allow such people to stay in the Principality and apply from here. Such a move would leave us open to getting caught ourselves with un-wanted aliens in place and the Australian Government has always required such applicants to leave the Continent, we do not allow ourselves to become involved in such actions as offering asylum to those who "hope" to be allowed back into Australia and such involvement would be detrimental to our relationship with the Commonwealth of Australia and could be seen as of immense concern to the security of the Australian mainland.

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