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HRH Prince Graeme Ernest Casley KGSOWL
Duke of Gilboa, Earl of Canan
Minister of State & Education
Chancellor of the Royal Court
Chancellor of the PHR Royal College of Heraldry
Chancellor of the PHR Royal College of Advanced Research
Grand Master of the Order of Wisdom and Learning

HRH Prince Graeme is the youngest son of HRH Prince Leonard and has three adult sons of his own.

Whilst he has always supported and helped the Principality of Hutt River he has been away gaining his independence and much valued experiences.

For twenty years Prince Graeme was a teacher, he travelled extensively throughout Western Australia and taught in suburban, rural, and hard to staff schools, including remote Aboriginal communities.

His early working career saw a young Prince Graeme working in offices in the motor transport area conducting duties involving areas such as Parts Department Management, stock and warehouse control.

 Having recently retired from teaching Prince Graeme has been able to return from Australia to reside full time within the Principality of Hutt River, where he is most pleased to be involved in an active capacity both in the PHR Cabinet room and "out front" with the public and media etc etc. Now that he is again resident in the PHR, Prince Graeme has taken on a direct, hands-on approach as to the day to day running of the Principality where the result of his presence are already easy to see.

A little more may be learnt about HRH Prince Graeme by visiting this link:
HRH Prince Graeme's profile

For those visiting the Principality, you will more likely than not meet HRH Prince Graeme, who will be only too happy to receive you and guide you around the exhibits, making sure that you become better aware of the story of;
How the Principality came to be.



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Urgent appeal for support from
HRH Prince Graeme
Minister for State & Education.
(Published June 2017)

      ----- BREAKING NEWS! ------ HRH Prince Leonard to Abdicate! -----

Breaking News: More may be learned about the abdication by visiting the Jan 2017 Royal Rhetoric
HRH Prince Leonard's final Rhetoric as Sovereign of the PHR

HRH Prince Graeme's' response ------ CLICK HERE!
      HRH Prince Graeme at his desk      

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