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Office of The Registrar of Companies & Banks


Companies House

Principality of Hutt River,

Via Western Australia 6535


Companies House


With the transfer of the Registrar of the Principality of Hutt River back to the Principality itself from July 17th 2008,  strict accreditation of educational Institutions has been given a priority.

General Business Names and Company Registrations, as well as all associated Licensing etc is now under the direction of the new Deputy Registrar of Companies & Banks, Dame Christina M. Baikie CD., DSOL.


It must be noted that the Registration and Renewals of Licences for Companies and Banks require all to maintain a Registered Agent in the Principality of Hutt River at all times if they are not actually in the Principality.

Enquiries can be made on your behalf to find a suitable person here in Nain to provide this Service should you desire or require.

General renewals of Licences & Registrations will be renewed only where all requirements are fulfilled.

        HRH Prince Leonard


     Principality of Hutt River

PUBLIC  NOTICE! Re:  'Office of Registrar of Companies and Banks'



Investigation into Financial & Educational Institution Registrations Announced!

As commented upon in our General Notices published earlier on this website, a number of matters have come to the attention of this Government, including the purported Registration of some suspect Financial & Educational Institutions via this Office, claims that have been taken very seriously and were indeed handed over to Principality Security Organisations for investigation. The previous Registrar of Companies for this Principality has been dismissed from Office and a new Officer appointed to control the operations of this Office and to ensure the continued operation of the Office is one of faultless reproach, a matter of great importance to this Govt.

The on-going investigations by our Security Organisations has led to the suspension of a few Financial Institutions that had been licensed under some IBCs Registered by this Principality. In every case where suspicion has been raised and the evidence supports the claims then the concerned IBCs have also been suspended from trade and either have, or shortly will be, struck off the Registry, once the required "right to appeal" time has expired.

By the same token, our Educational Advisors have been and will continue to investigate all of the Educational Institutions Registered by this Office in the past, to ensure that only accredited, genuine Educational Institutions that provide a genuine service to those seeking to further advance their education are indeed Registered/Licensed by this Principality.

It should be noted by all, that to be a Registered Entity to this Principality should be enough on its own to assure potential interested parties as to the legitimacy and genuineness of that Organisation.

An Organisation and every person involved should be proud to be accepted for Registration and Licensing by the Principality of Hutt River with it's name being placed upon the "Board of Registrations" here in Nain.

    Dame Chris Baikie
    Dame Christina M. Baikie C.D., D.S.O.L.
Hon. Deputy Registrar of Companies & Banks
                 Principality of Hutt River
23 September 2008






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