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Four Orders of Chivalry

Issued 21st April 2008

Order of Wisdom & Learning   ……  $0.55
Illustrious Order of Merit         …...    $1.35
Serene Order of Leonard       ……    $2.00
Royal Order                      ……         $3.95




Royal College of Heraldry

Duke of Gilboa, HRH Prince Graeme

Earl Marshal
Dr. Sir David Burkart K.C.R.O.

2008 marks the 38th year since the successful secession of the Principality and the 31st anniversary of the Earl Marshal’s Regulations of 1977. The founding Earl Marshal, Bishop Dr. D.A. Metcalfe and his colleagues spent over a decade developing the state system of heraldry and chivalry which we affirm here. It is a tribute to their foresight and wisdom that this updated version retains the essence of the original with a few concessions to changing times. Our goal is to strengthen the cultural traditions that contribute to the uniqueness of the Principality, while promoting positive practises of chivalry and heraldry’.
Dr. Sir David Burkart K.C.R.O.
Taken from the Earl Marshals Regulations Rev. 2008
“Manual of Chivalry & Heraldry”

For the first time in the Principality's Philatelic history, a set of stamps will be released with a series of special First Day Covers, with matching inserts, available to mark the release.
This release, celebrating the 38th Anniversary of the Principality also the Principality's Four Orders of Chivalry, features a set of four stamps, each featuring the Full Arms of one of the Four Orders of Hutt.

First Day Covers of 5 designs will be available in these formats:

  • Full Se-Tennant strip of four stamps affixed to the Parent envelope which features the Arms of the Principality's Royal College of Heraldry on the front and inside the envelope, an information card featuring the Principality's Royal College of Heraldry, its Arms, as well as the Seal of Hutt River and some information on the country itself.

  • Four individual envelopes will be available to match each of the Four Orders of Chivalry. Affixed to each of these individual First Day Covers will be one of the "Arms Stamps" and that stamp's Arms will also be featured on the front of the envelope as well as on the information card found within the envelope, thus making a total of 5 First Day Cover envelopes available.


Stamp Design, Covers & Layout by:
Sir Steven G.P. Baikie KRO

Art by the:
‘PHR Royal College of Heraldry’

200 Full Set FDC's produced.

75 of each single stamp FDC issued.




First Day Covers!

Individual Stamps

Order of
Wisdom & Learning

Grand Master
Duke of Gilboa

HRH Prince Graeme

The O.W.L. is fourth in order of precedence. It has four grades, including one below the rank of Knight. Like the S.O.L. & the I.O.M., the O.W.L. can be awarded to non-citizens and citizens alike. This Order is a reconstituted version of an older PHR Order that was left uncompleted by the original Earl Marshal and left hidden until recently. The Order has now been given a name and completed in it’s entirety. It’s primary objective is to recognise persons who have made significant contributions to the fields of education or learning at all levels.

Taken from the Earl Marshals Regulations Rev. 2008
“Manual of Chivalry & Heraldry”

Illustrious Order
of Merit

Grand Master
Duke of Carmel
HRH Prince
Leonard  Richard

The I.O.M. is third in order of precedence. It originally had five grades but now has seven. Like the S.O.L., the I.O.M. can be awarded to non-citizens and citizens alike. It is intended to recognise high achievement in fields other than politics, diplomacy and economics including but not limited to a) honor, devotion to duty, outstanding loyalty; b) social sciences, health, humanities; c) arts, literature and culture; d) science and technology; e) commerce and industry; f) tourism and public relations. This Order is the most flexible of all, as it includes levels below that of the Knighthood, allowing for potential advancement’.

Taken from the Earl Marshals Regulations Rev. 2008
“Manual of Chivalry & Heraldry”

Serene Order of Leonard
Grand Master
Duke of Nain

HRH Prince Arthur Wayne

The S.O.L. is second only to the Royal Order. It is structured to four grades and unlike the R.O., which is rarely awarded to non-PHR citizens, the SOL may be conferred on outstanding individuals who have contributed to society at large or for a notable achievement- - especially in the areas of politics and economics. This decoration also serves  to recognise outstanding service to the Principality by PHR citizens and is intended as an alternative to the Royal Order when advancement to the peerage is not contemplated. This Order is especially appropriate for diplomatic and consular representatives’.

Taken from the Earl Marshals Regulations Rev. 2008
“Manual of Chivalry & Heraldry”


Royal Order

Grand Master
Grand Duke of Hutt
HRH Prince Ian

The R.O., the Premier and Senior Order of the Principality, was originally named the “Order of Royal Knights”. Early on, the R.O. was deliberately restructured to provide a noble association of peers under the “umbrella” of the Order as they advanced from Knighthood to the peerage. This arrangement is unique to the Principality in the way that the path to the advancement in the nobility is via this portal. In theory, the Sovereign Prince could elevate a person to the peerage who is not a Knight of the R.O., but this has never occurred. Thus, this Order is considered the foremost in prestige and honour and is granted only after careful consideration of the recipient’s character and personal integrity’.

Taken from the Earl Marshals Regulations Rev. 2008
“Manual of Chivalry & Heraldry”



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