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Issue 65 - 45th Anniversary of Secession

"The Gateway to Nature's Spirit World"
Commemorating the PHR's 45th Anniversary of Secession

Issued: 21/04/2015 -
PHR Issue 65



The Philatelic Department of the Hutt River Postal Service is pleased to announce the issue of it's set of 3
"45th Anniversary of Secession" Postage Stamps on 21 April 2015.

The stamps are designed by Princess Sherryl, Duchess of Castile and include photo's of two painting recently completed by Princess Sherryl, the paintings are of a Tiger and a Heron. The third stamp shows The Stone of Light atop the mineral cairn in it's new location in Princess Shirley's Sacred Educational Shrine.

Once in a generation, or; perhaps a lifetime, a person comes along whereby their different thinking enables mankind’s knowledge and understandings to make a leap forward. The PHR Royal College of Advanced Research has been involved in research of the pure basic energy of nature for many years, and that has involved great perspective concepts that reach into the area of energy fields which many mathematicians, physicists and philosophers failed to achieve; including Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein and many others.

There can be no doubt that Prince Leonard’s findings in the spiritual is the beginning of a sphere of new knowledge
and understanding by mankind of both nature and spiritual.
This set was specifically commissioned by HRH Prince Leonard to serve two purposes, one being to mark the 45th Anniversary of the PHR, the other to celebrate the recent mathematical findings of the Prince and the Royal College of Advanced Research as to the identification of Natures Spirit Code in relation to all that exists.                     

These stamps issued by the Hutt River Postal Service, are the first in a series of stamps that will be issued from time to time, recognising the Spirit Value of many other items and beings.

Printed in a sheetlet of 10 se-tenant sets with a labelled selvedge, these stamps will be available as:

First Day Cover (FDC) - DL Envelope (with info card insert)
MUH/CTO Se-tenant strip
Full Sheetlet of 10 x Se-tenant sets


NOTE:  The FDC comes with a supportive information card about the issue inside!


ISSUE DATE   ——   21/04/2015

Tiger  …… $1.95
The Stone of Light 
...…. $2.75
Se-Tenant Set of 3 
…… $5.40

FDC (set of se-Tenant 3 Stamps) 
....... $8.00 each (DL Envelope)
Full Sheet = 30 Stamps (10 x Sets of 3) 
…… $54.00


Only 2,500 sets printed.
Made up of:
250 sheets, each sheet made up of 10 sets of 3 stamps.
FDC's issued as Se-tenant on DL Cover
Only 200 FDC's produced

 Photos:  -  Prince Graeme, Duke of Gilboa
Stamp Design & Original Art:  -  Princess Sherryl, Duchess of Castile
Authorised:  -  HRH Prince Ian - Minister of Post

Special Commission by HRH Prince Leonard as:
Founder/Trustee of the PHR Royal College of Advanced Research

Stamp Dimensions Approx ............ 35mm wide x 30mm high
Full-Sheet Dimensions Approx ........ 243mm wide x 198mm high

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FDC Information Card


FDC Information Card


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