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Issue 64 - 44th Anniversary of Secession

Past Events - 01
Commemorating the first Official Royal Visit to Queensland, Australia - 1976
Commemorating the PHR's 44th Anniversary of Secession

Issued: 21/04/2014 -
PHR Issue 64

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Past Events - 01


Issued—21/04/2014 - PHR Issue 64

April 21 2014, the Principality of Hutt River celebrates its 44th year of Independence. What better time to begin recognising many “Past Events” in the short but hectic life of this small country, than by bringing some of those events to the public eye by way of postage stamp issues that will commemorate such events and happenings.

This Postage Stamp issue is titled “Past Events—01”, which is the first of what will be many “Past Events” commemorative issues that will be released over the coming years.

In 1976 HRH Prince Leonard was invited to visit the Australian State of Queensland (Qld) and in
particular to tour the city of Gold Coast.
The logistics for this trip were handled by the then Hutt River Hon Ambassador to Queensland HE Lorin Hawes, who did a sterling job of arranging so many appointments and establishing the events to attend during that visit.

One of the many highlights of this, the first of a number of Royal Visits to Queensland by Prince Leonard, was attending rehearsals of the Queensland Youth Orchestra at their invitation prior to them giving a Royal Command Performance for HRH Prince Leonard and the people of Queensland.
The concert started with the orchestra playing the National Anthem of the then Hutt River Province.
 As part of the Royal Visit, HRH was invited to attend the Offices of the Qld Law Department where they discussed the legalities of his secession and a great deal of questions were asked of Prince Leonard
by legal staff working in that department .
An idea many Queenslanders still wish to see today!

 Two other highlights of the visit were firstly: Time spent in discussions with the State Premier, Johannes Bjelke-Petersen, (later Sir Joh KCMG) still to this day the longest serving Premier of Queensland 1968-1987.
Sir Joh had the red carpet out to greet Prince Leonard on his arrival at the Government Offices where lengthy discussions were held on the secession and other matters. Interestingly in the following year, 1977, the Premier commenced his own moves towards seceding the State of Queensland from the Commonwealth of Australia.

Secondly: Time spent with Sir Bruce Small, a most successful businessman, politician, property developer & Lord Mayor of the city of Gold Coast (1967-73 & 76-78). Discussions held with Sir Bruce Small included lengthy business discussions concerning many matters after which Sir Bruce proudly showed off to HRH the famous “Surfers Paradise Meter Maids” which he was actively supporting in order that they promote the region and advance tourism thus helping better the local economy.

 Good friendships were formed at these meetings and all were to talk many more times.







Full Sheet


Stamp Specifications.
Issued: 21/04/2014 - PHR Issue 64

$0.10c.......... Sir Bruce Small & HRH Prince Leonard
$0.70....... Joh Bjelke Petersen & HRH Prince Leonard

Perforated Sheet consisting:..
15 pairs (se-tenant)
1 x end row of $0.10c Stamps.

Stamp dimension approx: 43mm x 32mm each


 Se-tenant pair..........$0.80c
 Block of 4 (2 pair - opposing se-tenant) ............. $1.60
 Horizontal Strip (3 x pair + 10c)      ............  $2.50

Perforated Sheet consisting:..
15 pairs (se-tenant)
1 x end row of $0.10c Stamps.
 Full Sheet ............ $12.50

The FDC's comes with a supportive information card on the issue inside!
 FDC - Se-tenant pair............$3.00 each

Purchase via email from:

 Only 150 Sheetlets printed.

Made up of:

 Each sheet - 15 se-tenant pairs and vertical end strip of 5 x 10c stamp
 2250 sets of stamp pairs
 750 x single $0.10c stamps

 Only 200 FDC's produced

Photo's from: HRH Prince Leonard's private collection
Stamp, Cover & Card Design by: Lord Steven G.P. Baikie KGCRO., ADC.

Authorised: HRH Prince Ian KGSRO - Minister of Postal Services

Se-Tenant strip


FDC Information Card Front


FDC Information Card Reverse


  Sir Bruce Small with HRH Prince Leonard.
Scan of original 1976 Polaroid instant photo
Used for 10c Stamp
          Joh Bjelke-Petersen with HRH Prince Leonard.
Scan of original 1976 Polaroid instant photo
Used for 70c Stamp


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