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Principality of Hutt River 



Perth Stamp & Coin Show

Friday 12th 10am to 5pm & Saturday 13th August 10am to 4pm
University of Western Australia, Guild Function Centre, Hackett Drive, Crawley



    It has been a number of years since the PHR has attended a Stamp & Coin Show but this year we decided to return.
HRH Prince Graeme will attend the Perth Stamp & Coin Show this year and the PHR has been allocated an area right at the main entry point
so make sure that you stop on entry and say "G'Day" to Prince Graeme.

On display and available for purchase will be lots of PHR stamps, some old issues and many new issues im MUH stamps and a few FDC's.

To commemorate our return the Royal Hutt River Postal Service has issued a special postmark for each of the 2 days of the show and you will be able to purchase a special envelope
with a $5 "Great Seal of Hutt" stamp affixed as well as the commemorative postmark dated the appropriate day and signed by HRH Prince Leonard himself,
so don't forget to ask Prince Graeme about that one (see scan this page).

Also available will be some of the PHR coins which are always a great investment especially given the minimal numbers of coins minted of each issue in recent years (same goes for stamps with an average of only 200FDC's for each issue), PHR Bank notes will also be available to purchase.

For the first time we decided to make available for purchase a small range of the Royal College of Heraldry Medals & Jewels of some of the Orders of the Principality.
Collectors out there make sure you head straight in for this rare opportunity to obtain some of the Honours Jewels of the PHR to add to your collection.

So, whether you are a Errinophilist, Philatelists, Numismatists, or a Notaphilists, drop by, meet Prince Graeme and see what is on offer on the PHR stall adjacent to the front door as you enter.

      ABOVE: Special envelope and commemorative postmark for each of the 2 days of the Show.      
NOTE! Some covers remain as of December 2016 and can be purchased by emailing
      BELOW:  Just a few samples of the PHR Stamps available at the show
(Have Prince Graeme sign a cover for you!)
      BELOW:  Examples of some of the PHR Honours Medals & Jewels available at the show....      
      Grand Cross of Hutt Knight/Dame Commander
of the Order of Wisdom & Learning
Knight/Dame Commander of the Serene Order of Leonard Knight/Dame Grand Star of the Order of the Serene Order of Leonard Knight/Dame of the Order of Wisdom & Learning      
      Knight/Dame of the
Royal Order
Red Cross of Hutt
(Charity Award)
Knight/Dame Grand Star
Order of Wisdom & Learning
L: Companion &
R: Knight/Dame Commander
Order of Wisdom & Learning




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