Final Quarter Report
October - December 2014:




Another very successful year of volunteering has drawn to a close and I submit the usual report of the LFICC for October, November and December 2014. All members look forward to continuing our duties in 2015.
During this final quarter the following duties were performed:


8 duties were carried out at the Salvation Army centre in Tisdale sorting items delivered there - proceeds for local charities


Medical Car - On 1 occasion a local resident was transported to and from Nipawin hospital.


Food catering duties were carried out at the Codett "Pot Luck" supper and 1 duty at the Ridgedale "Fall Supper".


Helping Hands - Our lone member with musical talent again helped entertain at various seniors centres and care homes on 11 occasions. On 5 occasions hot meals were distributed to local house bound elderly people. On 12 occasions 2 of our members visited sick and elderly people in hospital.


Nipawin "Sales Day" -  Catering and door duties carried out at the local Seniors Hall.


Our Annual Awards Day Ceremony -  Held on 18th October in the Melfort Masonic Hall and was, once again, enjoyed by all who attended.
Those who qualified for awards were:

Superintendent Candice Wallin  was presented with
the Command 'Honour badge".
Captain Annabelle Hanson awarded the "Hallamshire Medal of Merit"
Captain Wallace Hanson awarded the "Hallamshire Medal of Merit"
Vice-Captain Joyce Wilson received her Commission

Commissioner Albert Hilliar received his Commission
Captain (LF) A. Hanson was awarded "Volunteer of the Year" for outstanding service during the past 12 months.
(See photo's below).

Immediately after the meeting we held our annual Yule Tide (or Christmas) meal which was once again very enjoyable. The command had purchased gifts for all in attendance as a mark of our appreciation for all the hard work carried out during this year.


Salvation Army "Kettles" - on 2 occasions during December members of the troop "manned" this post in Nipawin.


Remembrance Day (11th November) - Members on duty in Fort Vermillion (Alberta), Melfort (Saskatchewan), Tisdale (Saskatchewan as well as in the U.K. where the UK Command attended Parades in Leeds,  in Yorkshire and in Hucknell, Nottinghamshire. .


Our command Christmas dinner was held at the farm belonging to Jim and Joyce Wilson and a great time was had by all.

This concludes my final report for the year 2014.

God Guard Thee and All Who Serve.
Yours in service.

Sir G. B. Metcalfe KGSIOM., MCM., AMM.
Chief Commissioner.



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Photos from final quarter 2014

      October Troop Meet, Awards Presentation
(October 18 2014)
  L - R
Superintendent Candice Wallin, Vice-Captain Joyce Wilson, Captain Wallace Hanson, Captain Annabelle Hanson and Commissioner Albert Hilliar
  Superintendent Candice Wallin receiving the command 'Honour badge"   Vice-Captain Joyce Wilson receiving her Commission   Captain Annabelle Hanson receiving her "Hallamshire Medal of Merit"  
Captain Wallace Hanson receiving his "Hallamshire Medal of Merit"

Commissioner Albert Hilliar receiving his "Commission"

Captain Annabelle Hanson - Volunteer of the Year for 2014
Chief Commissioner Sir Barry Metcalfe giving his closing speech  


Chief Commissioner Sir Barry Metcalfe & DCC Dame Shirley Metcalfe.

Closing Ceremony.----Saluting PHR Flag during the playing of the Hutt River National Anthem

Remembrance Day 2014 & Tribute to Dame Stella
        Chief Commissioner Sir Barry Metcalfe & DCC Dame Shirley Metcalfe - Remembrance Day 2014   Tribute to the late
Dame Stella
Gone but not forgotten!
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