Second Quarter Report
April - June 2015:

Accompanying this report are photo's of our final duties at the Salvation Army charity store in Tisdale on 23rd June.
This task has been conducted by myself and DC Dame Shirley for some 51/2 years now and unfortunately my health has deteriorated  a little further to a level that now makes it to difficult for me to continue that action, so it is with regret that we have now had to withdraw ourselves from that service.

Please find my report for April, May, June 2015  


Catering duties were carried out twice at the Codette Pot Luck Suppers.


Medical Car - On 3 occasions local residents were transported for medical treatment to Saskatoon and Prince Albert.


Salvation Army - On 6 occasions during the quarter we helped sort items delivered to the Salvation Army charity store in Tisdale. Over 5 1/2 year’s service here.


Community in Bloom. - Our representative on this committee attended 7 planning and development meetings.   


Helping Hands - Our member with musical talent once again played at various seniors centres and care homes on 6 occasions. The troop helped raise money for the dialysis centre. On 5 occasions members visited sick and elderly people in hospital and nursing homes. During this quarter 6 security checks were carried out on private property and pets fed in the absence of their owners. 4 times meals were distributed to local house bound residents.


Annual Troop Shoot was held at the Wilson farm followed by a cooked meal. An event enjoyed by all in attendance (report & photo's below)...


PHR Anniversary - April 12 this year saw the troop meet and celebrate the 45th Anniversary of the PHR with a special cake made for the occasion and a glass or two to toast the PHR, it's Sovereign and it's people. (See photo's below)

Legion of Frontiersmen Independent Command, U.K.



The annual GB Anzac Day Parade was attended by our sister troop on 26th April at Cannnock Chase, Staffordshire.


Another 3 months of volunteering duties successfully carried out.
This concludes the report for this quarter.

God Guard Thee and All Who Serve.
Yours in service.

Lord G. B. Metcalfe. Earl of Lindsey, KGSIOM., MCM., AMM.
Chief Commissioner.


Troop Photo's
CinC. Lord Barry and DCC. Dame Shirley working on their last Action with the Salvation Army Thrift Store in Tisdale CinC. Lord Barry and DCC. Dame Shirley seen here with Carla, manager of the Salvation Army Tisdale thrift store CinC. Lord Barry and DCC. Dame Shirley seen here hanging their last item. 5.5 years of service reluctantly comes to an end.


Salute to the PHR on it's 45th Anniversary

Today (April 12) the Troop celebrated the 45th anniversary of the founding of the Principality of Hutt River as part of it's regular meeting.

The flag of Hutt River was marched in, the national anthem of both Hutt River and Canada were played as the troop stood to attention.
Toasts were drunk to the health of Prince Leonard and to the prosperity of the Principality.
Usual business meeting then took place.
Following the closure of the meeting a prepared meal was then served.
After the meal, the anniversary cake was then cut and served to members and the visitor present [Jim Wilson].
Commissioner Albert Hilliar recorded a video of myself making a speech on behalf of the troop to Prince Leonard. 

A  great time was enjoyed by all and I think Prince Leonard would have been proud of the Troop.

Yours in Service.

Lord G. B. Metcalfe KGSIOM., MCM., AMM. Earl of Lindsey
Chief Commissioner.


Troop raise their glasses... Congratulations to the PHR CinC Lord Barry Metcalfe
cutting the cake
PHR & Canadian Flags side by side


Photos & report on the 2015 annual troop shoot

Despite the rain and cold weather we held our annual troop shoot Sunday 14th June on Jim and Joyce Wilson's farm. The shoot was followed by a meal in the farmhouse due to the weather.
The shoot was won by Captain Annabelle Hanson, 2nd place Commissioner Albert Hilliar, 3rd place DCC. Dame Shirley Metcalfe. Vice captain Joyce Wilson unfortunately finished bottom of the league and was "awarded" the "Skunk" trophy for the 2nd year running.

It has been suggested that the shooting trophy be renamed as "The Stella Spooner Shooting Trophy" in honour of our late colleague. This will be discussed at our next troop meeting in August.

After the meal I awarded the shooting prizes to the above named winners.


Captain Annabelle Hanson 2015 Troop Shooting Champion Commissioner Albert Hilliar receives his 2nd place trophy from CinC Lord Barry. DCC. Dame Shirley Metcalfe receives her 3rd place trophy from CinC Lord Barry Metcalfe Vice-Captain Joyce Wilson receives her "Skunk" trophy from CinC Lord Barry Metcalfe
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