Royal Hutt River
Defence Forces


Office of the Commander in Chief
HRH Prince Leonard


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Royal Hutt River Army Patch


The Royal Hutt River Defence Forces


The Royal Hutt River Defence Force (RHRDF) as it is today was founded by virtue of the Royal Hutt River Defence Force Act of 1988.

The RHRDF comprises: 

bulletThe Royal Hutt River Air Force (RHRAF)
bullet The Royal Hutt River Army (RHRA)
bullet The Royal Hutt River Navy (RHRN)
bullet The Royal Hutt River Military College (RHRMC)
bullet The Royal Hutt River Legion (RHRL)


bullet Legion of Frontiersmen Independent Command, CANADA (LFICC)
HRH Prince Leonard - Hon. Commissioner in Chief
bullet Legion of Frontiersmen Independent Command, United Kingdom (LFICUK)

The RHRDF mission is to ‘Symbolise and uphold the Sovereignty of the Principality of Hutt River.’


While we are a non-combative service, we are charged with ensuring the security of the Principality, and performing the usual logistical functions associated with the armed forces when required.
The RHRDF has a ceremonial role both in providing a Guard of Honour for the Sovereign, and participating in celebrations for Independence Day and other important occasions.

In addition, all branches of the RHRDF liaise actively with the Principality’s diplomatic community in charitable and security work.


The structure of each branch reflects the rank organisation of the respective British forces. While each branch has its own uniform code, they are also based upon standards set by various International armed forces, with regional variations, and the Principality’s unique badges. 

The Commander-in-Chief of the RHRDF is HRH Prince Leonard, and he is assisted by the Council of Commanding Officers, staffed by the Commanding Officers and Deputy Commanding Officers of each branch.

Entry to any service is voluntary. The rank of a newly commissioned officer is dependent upon age and experience. Thereafter, promotion is only achieved in recognition of effort in supporting and furthering the respective branch of the service and the Principality.

Future developments:

The Navy has sought and achieved alliances with veteran organisations in the United States, as well as establishing firm relations with a number of historical naval organisations. Officers have been active in leading naval associations, including the US Navy league, the US Naval Institute, the Naval Order of the United States, and the (British) Marine Society and Sea Cadets.

Arms of the RHRDF are active in humanitarian work, such as, the work of the Royal Hutt River Artillery in aiding the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

The RHRDF is particularly proud of its association with the Legion of Independent Frontiersmen, Independent Command, CANADA where HRH Prince Leonard is Hon. Commissioner in Chief.

From ceremonial duties to the active involvement in local communities, the RHRDF continues to develop and perform valuable work. The future holds many challenges to further the vision and ideals of our Commander-in-Chief, HRH Prince Leonard. The benefits of achieving these will be both to the reputation of Principality, and to the good of the communities where officers of the RHRDF serve.

Admiral Sir Robert Hartnett Bt. KCRO., COWL., MRIN RHRN (Retd 2014)
Commanding Officer – The Royal Hutt River Navy (Retd 2014)



1st Elite Para Brigade Badge

Royal Hutt River Legion

Cap Badge
First Branch of the original RHRDF was the Royal Hutt River
Air Force

Original uniform Wings of the RHRAF

Royal Hutt River Navy Patch

of the RHRAF

Royal Hutt River Military College Crest


Aircraft Roundel


Cap Badge

School of Artillery

Royal Hutt River Army Artillery Crest

School of Infantry

Sleeve Patch

Royal Hutt River Legion


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1st Barton Platoon of the Royal Hutt River Legion
again entered into the Perth - HBF -
Run For A Reason!
May 19th 2019





Report on the LFICC & LFICUK
First quarter of 2017

'After Action 'Reports from the RHRL Units

Second Quarter 201

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