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Final Quarter Reports 2014
October – December 2014

Royal Hutt River Legion - Command HQ Report.

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Headquarters Command in this final quarter of 2014 has directed it's time to promoting the RHRL seeking out suitable items for donation to those in need. Items including good quality used clothing and toys have been the main items collected this quarter and the first quarter of 20-15 will see all items distributed to those who can use them.

Some of the actions carried out this quarter have been.


HQ Command continued to collect clothing and similar items for distribution to those in need.


One used computer has been put together with new mouse & keyboard and made ready for donation to someone who could use a computer but not necessarily afford one.


Two basic IBM compatible computers from the third quarter of 2014 were found suitable homes where, in particular, children are now able to enter the technical world at home and thus compete and learn with their peers on a more level playing field.


HQ Command continues to support the efforts of our other members and units in providing service to their areas of concern globally and continues to seek out those who could use the services available from the Royal Hutt River Legion.


HQ is proud to have the Legion of Frontiersmen Independent U.K. Command affiliate with us and the PHR in general. We welcome their Units and Members aboard and they will have their 'After Action' reports combined with the Legion of Frontiersmen Independent Command Canada reports found here.

The Board of Officers - Commanding are sorry to see the loss of active support from Ms Pamela Searle of Perth due to family and other commitments. Ms Searle has been a great supporter of the RHRL, giving great assistance to the Actions carried out by the 1st Barton Platoon in Perth for the last 2 years.
We hope that Ms Searle may again find time to assist once again in the future, we wish her well and thank her for the support she has rendered both the RHRL and her community.

In HRH Service,
Board of Officers - RHRL Command HQ



1st Barton Platoon


I am pleased to supply the quarterly report for October - December 2014, from the Royal Hutt River Legion (RHRL) – 1st Barton Platoon.
In spite of their many responsibilities all members of the platoon, and supporters, contributed to our priorities.

Sgt. Amanda Casselton has continued to make seniors her priority. Although she was overseas for several weeks during this quarter she made time, before and after her trip, to collect and wrap gifts for people in aged care. Feedback from Amaroo Retirement Village, where we have been sending the gifts, shows that Sgt. Casselton’s initiative is greatly appreciated by staff and those residents who received gifts.

Cpl. Lisa “Aliyah” Oliver maintains a sympathetic interest in people with mental illness. Although in an advanced state of pregnancy she helped to collect and deliver magazines for the Mental Health Ward at the Armadale Health Service. Since patients confined to the psychiatric ward have limited recreational opportunities any materials, including magazines that provide stimulation are welcome.

Ms. Jennifer Jenkins remains an enthusiastic supporter whose long term aim is to join the unit. She donated toys and wrapping paper to Starick Services and gifts and wrapping paper to Benevolent Hands for a refugees Christmas party.

Ms. Pamela Searle fed 21 homeless people during the last quarter as well as hosting an evening wrapping gifts for Starick Services. Sadly Ms. Searle has indicated, that, due to family and financial commitments, she will not be able to support the platoon during 2015. Her support over the last two years is much appreciated and I hope that she will be able to return to supporting our efforts in the future. .

Activities October to December 2014



The unit posted information on the Western Australian Department of Culture and the Arts grants for people wishing to attend the 2015 Australian Theatre Forum in Sydney on WBHSN (Warren-Blackwood Human Services Network).



Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Australians

Capt. Barton posted a link to ABC News website Why Do Muslim Women Wear a Burka, Niqab or Hijab? on the WA Information Network (WAIN) and WBHSN. Feedback was extremely positive.



Domestic Violence

Cpt. Barton and Sgt. Casselton met with Ms. Pamela Searle to pool and wrap Christmas gifts for Starick Services. The gifts were donated by Cpt. Barton, Sgt. Casselton, Cpl. Oliver, Ms. Jennifer Jenkins and Ms. Pamela Searle. This is the third year that the Platoon has provided Christmas gifts to Starick Services, verbal feedback from staff is highly positive.

Ms. Searle donated toiletries to Perth Woman’s Refuge.




Ms. Searle donated toys to the Red Cross Christmas Appeal and the Salvation Army Christmas Appeal.

Ms. Searle donated linen to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul.




Cpt. Barton visited a resident of Northcliff staying at the Redemptionest Monastery in North Perth while recovering from surgery. Cpt. Barton brought magazines donated by Sgt. Casselton and ½ Kg of mulberries picked by Cpl. Oliver.

Sgt. Casselton donated a copy of The Art of Happiness; A Handbook for Living by H.H. the Dali Lama to the Mental Health unit of the Armadale Health Service.

Cpt. Barton and Cpl. Oliver donated a copy of Fakes and Forgeries by Emma Dickens to the Manjimup Red Cross. A letter from the Manjimup Red Cross, thanking the Platoon for its support arrived shortly before Christmas, having been sent care of the Principality.

Cpt. Barton, Sgt. Casselton and Cpl. Oliver donated 10 copies of Dance Australia, 40 issues of National Geographic, provided by Small Kindness and 20 copies of New Scientist, donated by Ms. Georgy Hadwin to the Mental Health Unit of the Armadale Health Service.

Cpt. Barton and Sgt. Casselton donated copies of Bookforum, The Big Issue, The Economist, Policy, Skeptical Inquirer, The Spectator, The Warcry and The Weekend Australian Magazine to Manjimup Medical Centre.

Ms. Searle donated tea and coffee to the North Perth Chapter of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Ms. Searle donated quality used household items to the Jane McGrath Foundation.



Homeless People

Cpt Barton and Ms Searle provided food to 36 homeless people in inner city Perth.




The unit posted “The Future of the Book; From Papyrus to Pixels” (The Economist, 11th October 2014, Vol. 413 No. 8908) on WAIN.

Cpt Barton and Cpl Oliver donated the winter 2014 issue of Policy, published by the Centre for Independent Studies, to the Shire of Manjimup Public Library.

Cpt. Barton, Sgt. Casselton and Cpl. Oliver donated the October, November and December 2014 – January 2015 issues of The Monthly to the Shire of Manjimup Public Library.

Cpt. Barton and Sgt. Casselton donated Quarterly Essay 56 Clivosaurus; The Politics of Clive Palmer to the Shire of Manjimup Public Library.

Cpt. Barton, Sgt. Casselton and Cpl. Oliver distributed National and State Libraries Commemorate WWI and the ANZAC Centenary bookmarks through Australian Arab Institute of Strategic Affairs; Comic Zone; Ferndale Playgroup; Lovely Nails Perth; Manjimup Branch Country Woman’s Association (CWA) and Mickel Smits Stamps and Coins.




Cpt. Barton, Sgt. Casselton, Cpl. Oliver, Ms. Jenkins and Ms, Searle provided an Indonesian Migrant learning English with links to online resources and a booklist.

Cpt. Barton, Sgt. Casselton and Cpl. Oliver donated copies of R. L. Stevenson’s short story The Pavilion on the Links, Sara Paretsky’s A Taste of Life and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Man With the Twisted Lip to an Indonesian Migrant learning English.

Cpt. Barton responded to a request, posted on WAIN, for information on English Language textbooks by posting information on the Carley and Kumar English readers.




Cpt. Barton and Sgt. Casselton placed a box in the State Records Office of Western Australia with a request that staff donate toys for the Benevolent Hands Christmas party.

Jennifer Jenkins donated a box of toys for Benevolent Hands.

Cpt. Barton and Sgt. Casselton donated a copy of Australian Folklaw by Bill Beatty to the Tribal Refugee Welfare of WA to use as a prize at their fundraising dinner.

Cpt. Barton provided secretarial support for Benevolent Hands.

Sgt. Casselton donated fruit mince pies to Benevolent Hands Christmas party for refugees.

Cpt. Barton, Sgt. Casselton and Cpl. Oliver distributed Benevolent Hands Calendars to businesses and community organizations.




Cpt. Barton, Sgt. Casselton and Cpl. Oliver donated birthday gifts to 19 socially isolated seniors at Amaroo Retirement Village.

Cpt Barton, Cpl. Oliver took two large print books, donated by Ms. Jenkins, to the Amaroo Retirement Village Library.

Cpt. Barton, Sgt. Casselton and Cpl. Oliver sent Christmas cards to a dementia patient whose family had posted a request on Facebook for people to send her cards.



Unemployed People

Sgt. Casselton posted a lost health care card to it’s owner along with five National and State Libraries Commemorate WWI and the ANZAC Centenary bookmarks.



Priorities for 1st Quarter 2015

• Continue to provide gifts for seniors.
• Continue to provide appropriate books and periodicals to libraries, hospitals, doctors surgeries, retirement villages and other community organizations.
• Continue to support refugees.
• Continue to provide food for homeless people.
• Meet in February to consider priorities for 2015.
• Recruitment.

This concludes my report for the final quarter 2014.


Yours in HRH service

Captain Sir Richard Ananda Barton K.C.O.W.L.
1st Barton Platoon

Royal Hutt River Legion


Photo's of Members of the Barton Platoon in action seen below and provided
courtesy of the '1st Barton Platoon' RHRL.

(Click thumbnails below for larger view)
Cpt. Barton & Cpl. Oliver collecting magazines for hospital from Ms Amna Hansia.
Note: Aliyah is very pregnant in this picture.
Her jacket and hat were the only RHRL items that fitted her!
Cpt. Barton & Sgt Casselton putting RHRL stickers on magazines Cpt Barton & Sgt Casselton wrapping gifts for seniors
(Click thumbnails above for larger view)

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