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Third Quarter Reports 2015
July – September 2014

Royal Hutt River Legion - Command HQ Report.

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Greetings to all.

Headquarters Command has had a quiet quarter this round, though some actions were carried out and this quarter saw HQ in a positions to provide support to the 1st Barton Platoon which was very pleasing to us.

Details of HQ activities for the quarter are hereby listed.

Some of the actions carried out this quarter have been:


HQ Command continued to collect reading materials, (books and magazines) for distribution in the local area as well as to Foodbank.


HQ Command with the support of Geraldton Foodbank was able to secure a reasonable size shipment of mixed herbal teas, something aged residents in Perth nursing homes and similar accommodations had been unable to obtain so the need was provided by 1st Barton Platton with HQ assistance.


HQ Command continues to support the efforts of our other members and units in providing service to their areas of concern and continues to seek out those who could use the assistance of the Royal Hutt River Legion. Any who may be interested in supporting their local area and in doind so promote the name of the Principality of Hutt River then by all means, drop us an email (LINK BELOW) or learn more by visiting the links on the left side of the page


The 1st Michaux Platoon in France did not provide a report this quarter.


In HRH Service,
Board of Officers - RHRL Command HQ


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1st Barton Platoon



I am pleased to supply the quarterly report for July to September 2015, from the Royal Hutt River Legion (RHRL) – 1st Barton Platoon. 

I am glad to report that all members and supporters of the 1st Barton Platoon participated in meeting the priorities established in the Second Quarter After Action Report; provide gifts for seniors; provide appropriate books and periodicals to libraries, hospitals, doctor’s surgeries, retirement villages and other community organizations; support refugees; provide food for homeless people; collect cat food for the Animal Protection Society and recruitment.  

Lt Amanda Casselton has embarked upon part-time study and is caring for a close relative, in addition to her paid employment. In spite of these responsibilities she remains committed to the platoon, contributing her time and expertise to our activities. During the last three months she has made a particular contribution to providing periodicals to the Shire of Manjimup Public Library. The magazines and journals thus contributed are greatly appreciated by library staff and clients. Lt Casselton has also helped to purchase cat food which was donated to the Animal Protection Society of WA.  

Sgt Oliver has maintained her interest in the well-being of people in residential mental health care facilities; she has been active in ensuring that magazines and books are provided to the High Dependency Unit at the Armadale Medical Centre. Sgt Oliver has also helped to allocate and wrap birthday gifts for socially isolated seniors at Amaroo Retirement Village.  

Both Lt Casselton and Sgt Oliver contributed to a fundraiser for Middle Eastern refugees, helping to raise $500 dollars for Benevolent Hands Inc.  

Ms Jennifer Jenkins continues to support the Platoon, donating magazines which have been passed on to patients at the Armadale Health Service High Dependency Unit. Her contribution is appreciated by all members of our Platoon. 

Activities July to September 2015


Animal Welfare:

Maj Barton and Lt Casselton purchased cat food which they donated to the Animal Protection Society of WA (APSWA), along with a large amount of food collected by Lovely Nails Perth CBD. Mr. John Oliver helped to deliver the food to the APSWA



Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Background Western Australians:

Maj. Barton & Lt. Casselton circulated the Ethnic Communities Council of WA newsletter via Warren Blackwood Human Services Network (WBHSN).



Domestic Violence:

Maj. Barton posted information on a fundraising book launch by 2015 Australian of the Year Rosie Batty, with a percentage of sales at the launch to go to the Woman’s Council for Domestic and Family Violence Services, on WBHSN and the Western Australian Information Network (WAIN).



Information Provision:

Maj Barton & Lt Casselton posted links to information on workplace bullying provided by the Australian Human Rights Commission, the Western Australian Department of Commerce, the Fair Work Ombudsman and Safe Work Australia on WBHSN and WAIN.

Maj Barton & Lt Casselton forwarded the “August 2015 WA Equal Opportunity Commission e-bulletin” via WBHSN.




Maj. Barton donated 20 “Penguin Sixties Classics,” produced to mark Penguin Book’s 60th anniversary, to an Indonesian migrant learning English.

Maj. Barton posted information on the “Read, Write Now” conference on WAIN.




Maj. Barton visited a Northcliffe woman, recovering in Perth from a double mastectomy, providing her with fresh fruit and books.

Maj Barton & Lt Casselton distributed the August 2015 issue of “Health Bites,” the newsletter of Diabetes WA, via WBHSN.

Lt Casselton helped a woman incapacitated following an accident with washing and other household tasks.

The platoon donated two CDs, “The Little River Band – The Definitive Collection” and “Kate Bush – The Whole Story” to Manjimup Red Cross, provided by Mr. David Whitford.



Homeless People:

Maj Barton provided food to ten homeless people begging in inner city Perth.

Sgt Oliver assisted a homeless man to buy food.



Public Libraries:  

Maj. Barton & Lt. Casselton donated the July 2015 edition of “The Monthly” and the autumn 2015 issue of “Policy” to the Shire of Manjimup Public Library.

Maj. Barton & Lt. Casselton donated the June - July 2015 edition of “Foreign Affairs” to the Shire of Manjimup Public Library.

Maj. Barton & Lt. Casselton donated the August 2015 edition of “The Monthly” and the July-August 2015 issue of “Skeptical Inquirer” to the Shire of Manjimup Public Library.

Maj. Barton & Lt. Casselton donated the September 2015 edition of “The Monthly” to the Shire of Manjimup Public Library.

Maj Barton and Sgt Oliver donated the September / October 2015 issue of “Foreign Affairs” to the Shire of Manjimup Public Library.



Mental Health:

Maj. Barton and Sgt Oliver donated 20 copies of “Australian Family Tree,” “The Big Issue,” “Classic Gardens,” “Country Style,” “Easy Gardening,”  “The Economist,” “Inspiring Backyards,” “Inside History,” Readers Digest,” “Scots Magazine,” and “The Weekend Australian Magazine” along with ten young adult level books to the Armadale Health Service High Dependency Unit.

Maj. Barton and Sgt Oliver donated 10 fresh oranges to patients in the Armadale Health Service High Dependency Unit.

Sgt Oliver and Ms. Amna Hansia donated a transistor radio to an elderly patient in the Armadale Health Service High Dependency Unit.




Maj. Barton cut wood for the Minimum branch of the Country Women’s Association (CWA).

Maj. Barton donated a new CD player / radio to Manjimup CWA.

Maj. Barton attended a meeting of the Warren Blackwood Human Services Network in Bridgetown and presented a short report on the activities of the RHRL.

Maj. Barton sent the Shire of Manjimup Community Development Officer, a copy of “Ice on the Highway” (“Weekend Australian Magazine, 11-12 July 2015, pp. 22-26) about methamphetamine (ice) use in rural NSW.

Maj. Barton and Lt. Casselton posted information on snakes and first aid for snakebites on WAIN and WBHSN. The Manjimup

Maj Barton and Lt Casselton donated a solar security light with motion sensor to Manjimup CWA after concerns were raised regarding security at the CWA center




The platoon organized a fundraising party to support Benevolent Hands. Maj. Barton took responsibility for invitations, Lt. Casselton provided soft drinks, Sgt Oliver and her mother, Mrs Norina Oliver, provided a cake. The platoon supporters also assisted, Dame Maha Abdulmunem and Firas Al-Moola Husen Al-Hashimy hosted the event and took charge of catering, Mark Chowan donated serviettes, and Ms Jessica Higgins provided paper plates and cutlery, Eileen Simms and Ruby Sims-Cumbers provided desert and Polly Valentine donated fresh fruit. Mr. Thomas Goh and Dr Janie Goh donated $100.00 toward the event and Mr. Stephen O’Brian contributed $25.00 Twenty one people attended and the event raised $500.00 which was used to assist Middle-eastern refugees settling in WA.

Maj. Barton provided clerical support to Benevolent Hands and proof read a university essay written by an Iraqi refugee.

Maj Barton and Sgt Oliver posted a list of 24 online resources for refugees and asylum seekers on WBHSN.




Maj Barton and Sgt Oliver provided gifts for eight socially isolated seniors in the Amaroo Retirement Village. This support was acknowledged with a ‘Thank You’ card from the Therapy Coordinator at Amaroo. We would also like to acknowledge the support of Booksabillia, who have provided new books for us to pass on to seniors. Sadly Booksabillia have closed their doors, due to the proprietor, Colin Lupton, retiring, depriving RHRL of a strong supporter.



Priorities for Last Quarter 2014


  1. Continue to provide food to homeless people

  2. Continue to provide gifts for socially isolated seniors

  3. Continue to provide magazines and journals to public libraries

  4. Provide herbal teas to Armadale Health Service Mental Health Unit

  5. Collect toys to give to children staying at Starick Services over Christmas.

  6. Recruitment


Yours in H.R.H. service.

Maj.Sir Richard Ananda Barton KCOWL, KCRO, MCM, MIOM
1st Barton Platoon
Royal Hutt River Legion



Photos of 1st Barton Platoon Member 'in action'
provided courtesy of the '1st Barton Platoon' RHRL.
Animal Protection Society Volunteers with cat food donated by RHRL 2015-09-26 Thank-You card from Amaroo Village. Maj. Barton collecting cat food from Tina Thuy, proprietor of Lovely Nails, Perth 2015-08-25

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