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******** MEDIA RELEASE ********
        Issued: 26th January 2017        

HRH Prince Leonard
Announces his abdication!


Something that has been on my mind for some time now is the question of when I should look at handing on the Sovereignty of the Principality of Hutt River.

Having attained the age of 91 years and being in declining health for some time, I have decided that the time is right to do it now.

Having been the Sovereign of our small nation for more than half of my life, a position that has been most rewarding at times and most difficult at others, I feel that it is time to hand over at a time when I am still around and thus able to offer help and support to my successor as he settles in to the position.

I have thus made the decision I will abdicate my Sovereignty on February 11 2017 handing on that Sovereignty to my youngest son Prince Graeme, Duke of Gilboa, Earl of Canan, GCSOWL., Minister of State & Education, Grand Master of the Order of Wisdom and Learning, Chancellor of the Royal Court, Chancellor of the PHR Royal College of Heraldry & Chancellor of the PHR Royal College of Advanced Research.

Prince Graeme in his position as Minister of State has, in the last few years, slowly been introduced to the Sovereignty by working with and alongside myself and has proven himself time and time again to be most able and just as importantly, most willing to lead this nation on into the future.

I thank all of the very many people who, over almost 47 years since the foundation of the Principality of Hutt River, who have supported myself and my government through providing their support and assistance. A special thank you has to go to the very many who have taken on various diplomatic roles representing myself and the PHR, many of them unfortunately have now passed away, whilst many more remain actively in positions assisting the PHR and its government. This level of support is essential in the running of the nation and I both trust and believe that this support and assistance will be shown and provided to Prince Graeme as he takes up the Sovereignty and goes about the business of advancing this nation further.

On the afternoon of Saturday February 11th in Princess Shirley’s Chapel of Nain there will be the formalities of the enthronement of Prince Graeme and for the final time as Sovereign I will be bestowing some special Honours to some special people in Princess Shirley’s Chapel of Nain. Following these events there will be light refreshments provided and we invite all to attend - To attend, RSVP confirming your wish to attend and how many will be attending with you.

Come and join us in what is to be a celebration of both my time as founding Sovereign and the enthronement of the PHR’s second Sovereign, HRH Prince Graeme.

An invitation to attend may be found here: Abdication Invitation.




   HRH Prince Leonard

Principality of Hutt River


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