Government of the

Principality of Hutt River

Government of the
Principality of Hutt River

Re:  'False, Misleading & Fraudulent Representation'
of the Principality of Hutt River


Many matters have been brought to our attention regarding a seemingly increasing number of people and websites out there that are any or all of False, Misleading or Fraudulently making claims and statements regarding being associated with this Principality.

As we are frequently receiving enquiries/complaints concerning statements or claims being made by unapproved persons/websites/organisations, it is with some regret that these matters need to be more openly addressed and that the public needs to be made more aware of these people and Sites as we also become aware of or find them.

As such, we have no option nor hesitation in listing these people/websites/organisations that are found to be at fault and can be included as any of False, Misleading or Fraudulently representing or acting on behalf of this Principality.

This Government has now ordered that a list of all perpetrators be included on our website and regularly updated so as to increase the security of our Nation and reduce the effect that these operators have on both the public and the reputation of this Principality and they include:...

The Sites listed above are operated by persons claiming to represent or to be part of this Principality and more particularly of the Government or one of its agencies, some of them even claim to be of our Government . All such claims or references made are false and are made without any authority whatsoever of this either this Principality, or it's Government and they should thus be avoided.

In view of the increase in creating unauthorised Websites & Social Networking sites without consulting PHR Authorities and the increasing number of UNAUTHORIZED individuals trying to pass as legal Representative of this Principality, it has become necessary to remind the public (and Representatives & Officers of PHR) that strict regulations are in place concerning the establishment of websites and confirming that it is not allowed for PHR Representatives & Officers to operate/promote/maintain Social Networking Sites in any official capacity including to promote their position with PHR.
The regulations also confirm that there is only one e-mail domain for the Principality { (.org)} and NO OTHER! 
The Regulations may be found published here :

Once again we advise that all Government business can only be conducted with this Principality by postal mail direct to the Principality or via e-mail to the responsible officer as found on our contact page of the Government Section of our website . Any claims made to the contrary of this advice should be referred in the first instance to us at the Principality for comment and where necessary, reporting to our relevant security organisation for investigation and/or prosecution.

In the meantime, reference to any purported Principality Representatives or Agencies that are not shown on this page should be referred to the Office of the Minister of Electronic Communications for verification of authenticity:..
via e-mail @:...


or to the Principality main office @:....

 or by postal mail to:...

Government House
Principality of Hutt River
via Western Australia 6535

   HRH Prince Leonard
Principality of Hutt River

27 February 2009



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