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  May 24th 2015
HBF - Run for a Reason


Sunday May 24th 2015 is the date for the HBF - Run for a Reason fundraiser, once again held in Perth, Western Australia as a major fundraiser for "Lifeline W.A.", a front line care organisation that keeps people safe from suicide, supports people in crisis and keeps people emotionally well. This is done through a variety of counselling and education services.

To keep these services running requires a great deal of support from the community and one very important area of support is money which allows the organisation to operate and attain the successes that they are well known for.

The HBF - Run for a Reason is one of the major fundraisers for Lifeline W.A., as well as a fantastic public witness to the support that this organisation has and this also equates to the care that society in the main does in fact have for one another.

The 1st Barton Platoon targets mental health and wellbeing as one of the main areas in which they are most active, taking on many actions that are aimed at assisting those in need of support. This is an opportunity for members of the unit to both mix with others of a like mind and to promote their operations in the field so all of us here in the Principality wish them well in this latest endeavour.

Taking part in the 2015 HBF - Run for a Reason will see Major Sir Ananda Barton, Commander of the 1st Barton Platoon take part,
along with some friends and supporters of the Royal Hutt River Legion:..

Major. Sir Ananda Barton KCOWL, MCM, MIOM, RHRL.

HRH Prince Leonard asks that all should consider donating to this cause by visiting the RHRL page on the
 HBF - Run for a Reason website where donations may be made securely on-line by either credit card donations or Paypal.

More (Inc Photo's) as it comes to hand.....

Support the RHRL 1st Barton Platoon



Final Results


Tanya & Amn joined Maj Sir Ananda Barton on this years Fun Run. Tanya & Amn Tanya at the 2Km mark Maj. Sir Ananda Barton at the 3km mark
(Click thumbnails above for larger view)



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